Just a penny.. 

Words are a currency people have forgotten have value. Most people tend to think of words as worthless pennies... yet they are still pennies none the less! Every single fortune can be broken down into pennies. Every conversation can be broken down into words. We tend to forget where we place pennies, we donate them, … Continue reading Just a penny.. 


Lioness -Born Free!

A stirring was in the cold, December air. A word was whispered from ear to ear and town to town. Revolution. A lion fighting his cage of oppression. The whisper grew louder… louder….   The lion became fiercer as he continued to beat against the bars separating him from freedom. Louder…. REVOLUTION! He broke forth triumphantly! … Continue reading Lioness -Born Free!

I just saved your life! You’re welcome.

Do not be deceived, fellow travelers! Tropical areas are truly a beautiful thing to behold… during the day… but beware, night cometh when all manner of slimy, sticky, scaly, slithering, stinging, soaring, and sassing creatures shall haunt your path… and your bed… and behind your curtains… and your dressers… and inside your shoes. Oh, I … Continue reading I just saved your life! You’re welcome.